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Beautiful Beachesย 

This picture has such a beautiful beach. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ #summer  #beautiful # awesome #relaxing #beaches #lovely #amazing #wonderful #lovely #loveit #relaxingonthebeach #relax #summerfun #awesomeness #love #loveofsummer #summerlove #cool 

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Starbucks Life Hacksย 

This is how you can get a 100% free  Starbucks gift card every month which is also an awesome Starbucks life hack which I had found on Pintrest which is basically my awesome bae and my BFF for life. #starbucks #simple #lifehacks #life #awesome #cool #Free #amazing #hacks #simple lifehacks #wonderful #summer #summerfun #fun #summerlifehacks #summerawesomeness #awesomeness #coolness #sweet #good #goodness #summertreats #summersweets #sweet #treats

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The Journey to Find Yourself

The journey to finding yourself might be hard but once you find yourself. I can tell you that you definitely won’t be in a small nor big bottle instead you’ll be 100% free, 100% of a stronger person, 100% happy and proud with yourself, 100% amazed with yourself. Plus things will get 100% better for you. Now lets think of finding ourselves as a big mountain that we all have a mission to climb up and it might take an entire lifetime just to find ourselves and it doesn’t have to take four years of high school just to find yourself. We all have an entire lifetime just to find ourselves and we all have many people can will come into our lives and support us all and if your alone all you need to know is this, “You aren’t alone and somebody is watching you and is 100% willing to take your struggles and problem and loves you so much that he’s 100% willing to continue and continue to give you another chance for all of your mistakes and sins his name is God and is 100% our BFF and he’s 100% willing to guide us throughout our lives” I mean I’m a 15 year old girl with high functioning autism and sometimes I still feel like people are always judging me although in reality nobody’s judging me and I won’t let that get in my way and if you think that I’ve already found myself and I had found my own happiness and freedom, chances are your 100% wrong about that because I’m still 100% climbing up that mountain and I’ll continue to climb up that mountain until I find myself, my happiness, my freedom and I won’t be in a bottle and you won’t be either once you and I find ourselves and I 100% guarantee that for both of us and I promise and together, we’ll all make the world a better place. ย The journey to finding ourselves might be hard not gonna lie to you its 100% hard for all of us but with many people in your lives to support and push you to be your best and be successful, we’ll have absolutely no problem with finding ourselves and we all might be lost in life during this entire work in progress and we all might even learn life lessons both the easy and the hard way but that’s 100% normal for all of us and we all have a mission to do this so its totally ok. So its time that we all get a head start on climbing up that mountain as well as our separate journies ย to finding ourselves. So today I 100% dare you all get a full good head start on the journey because life goes by fast and you don’t wanna waste every second of your life. Trust me. Good luck on your journey and happy finding.

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The Feeling of Love

Feeling of love is like a beautiful fire of love

Love is a ย beautiful and amazing ย thing to think about

Love helps us find ourselves and a new way to look at the world differently

It feels totally amazing, wonderful, special, good and beautiful

The chance to get to know the other person and to put down your devices and just talk to the other person that loves and cares about you. Love can allow us to amazingly have a completely new mindset on many things. Love can even allow us all to think about the future in completely new and many different ways like getting married to your boyfriend or girlfriend or if you’ll have kids and become parents one day with the person that you love and deciding if you’ll love your boyfriend or girlfriend for the rest of your life. Maybe you might even be brave enough to make the decision to get married to your boyfriend or girlfriend and love him/her for the rest of your life.