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Makeup hacks 

1. Use lipstick 💄 as eyeshadow

2. Using an eyeliner brush you can use mascara as gel eyeliner believe it or not. Interesting!!!!

3. To make your mascara clump free then use some eye drops and put them into the mascara. 

4. Use eyeshadow primer to make your eyeshadow stay on for the rest of the day 😃

5. Then rub an ice cube all over your face right before you apply all of your makeup 💄 because this will help close all of the pores and reduce redness for a glowing skin plus it will also make your makeup last longer too!!! 

Hope you enjoyed my makeup 💄 hacks and like and comment and I will see you guys later bye 👋🏽!!! 



I am 16 years old. I am just another girl who's super obsessed with makeup so much that I basically wear it almost every day. I'm a blogger obviously :)! My name is LindseyLou.

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