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5 interesting facts 

1. Did you know that taking fruits 🍉 in on an empty stomach can actually prevent graying hair, nervous 😩 outbursts, dark circles under your eyes 👀, and balding. Amazing how fruit can do that. 😃

2. Another interesting fact is Human saliva contains a painkiller called opiorphin that is six times more powerful than morphine. Wow 😳 how interesting is that plus it’s another thing that you probably didn’t really know about your own body. Yay!!!! 😃😃😃

3. Did you also know that your left lung is actually smaller than your right lung so that there’s enough room inside your body for the human heart ❤️. Interesting right? Another interesting and totally awesome fact about the human body. That’s sooo Cool 😎!!! Yay 😊!!!

4. Did you know that your body can actually tell you what the weather is by pain. How amazingly interesting. Wow 😳 I didn’t know that! Interesting. 😃 Did you know that? 

5. The very last interesting fact is putting sugar on a cut or wound can actually reduce the pain and even speed up the healing process. So basically not only is sugar good for cooking and baking and candy and stuff but it’s also good for treating cuts and wounds. Wow 😳 I’m totally shocked 😳 by that fact. Are you? Well how interesting is that? Honestly 😃 that’s great 😁!!!

So I hope you enjoyed these amazing 😉 super interesting facts. Which one is the most interesting and your most favorite fact? Leave your answers to that question in the comments below 😃. Comment what should I post on my blog next and what do you want to see on my blog?  I’m very curious on what you want to say 😃🤔. I’m also thinking of maybe doing a Q and A at some point maybe. What do think of me doing a Q and A for my blog? Should I or should I not? I don’t know you decide. And make sure to like this blog post as well. And leave your comments  down in the comment section below 😃



I am 16 years old. I am just another girl who's super obsessed with makeup so much that I basically wear it almost every day. I'm a blogger obviously :)! My name is LindseyLou.

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