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6 Lipstick 💄 Hacks

So hey whats up you guys. Its ZebraBeauty101! So today I will be sharing with you some AMAZING 😉 lipstick 💄 hacks. So that you can make your lipstick 💄 not transfer anywhere else and make it last longer too! So I really hope that you guys really enjoy 😊 this blog post and these amazing 😉 lipstick 💄 Hacks today! So let’s get into these great 👍 lipstick 💄 Hacks shall we? 

1. The first lipstick 💄 hack is to use hair spray to remove lipstick 💄 stains. Yes hairspray! Crazy right and you are going to be using that hairspray to remove those stupid lipstick stains. How awesome is that! Well I didn’t know that! 🙂 Interesting 🙂 🙂 :The next lipstick hack is about dark lips and how to get them and make it look totally amazing 😉 . So what you will want to do is to use black eyeliner as a lip liner and next top it all off with whatever  awesome lipstick 💄 you want to put on your lips for an amazingly easy vampy look 

2.The very next lipstick 💄 hack is about what you can do straight after you apply your lipstick 💄 for a clean line around your lips 👄 . So what you will want to do for this amazing 😉 clean- looking line around your lips 👄 is to put a skin setting  powder around the edges of your lips 👄 . That will create a very extra clean line around your lips 👄 just so that your lipstick 💄 so flawless AF! This  lipstick 💄 hack will also be able to make your lips 👄 and lipstick 💄 pop! So now you have amazing 😉 looking lips 👄 , how great 👍 is that! 

3. Next lipstick 💄 hack is now to apply lip primer and moisturizer/ lip balm on your lips 👄 right before you apply your lipstick 💄 . This will allow your lipstick 💄 to last all day long and stay moisterized and smooth throughout the entire day as well. The lip primer will also keep your beautiful lips 👄 from bleeding during your day.  So now you will have beautiful lipstick 💄 and smooth lips 👄 , how great 👍 is that! Beautiful! Anyway lets go onto to next lipstick 💄 hack shall we people? 

4. Another great 👍 lipstick 💄 hack is to not use it as lipstick 💄 for your lips 👄 but you can also use lipstick 💄 as a cream eyeshadow to put on your eye lids for on the go by just tapping your lipstick 💄 just a little bit with your finger or if you have long finger nails and unable to use your finger then you could always bring an eyeshadow brush and just tap the brush to your lipstick 💄 a little bit and then put it on your eyelids. I actually learned about this hack very recently. This is a pretty awesome 👏 lipstick 💄 hack in my opinion. Maybe I could probably use this awesome 👏 little lipstick 💄 hack! 

5. A pretty good 😊 lipstick 💄 hack is going to be all about getting that beautiful fuller look to your lips 👄 . So what you are going to do is just dab a little bit of highlighter onto the bottom and top of your lips 👄 . This won’t only be giving you a fuller affect to the lips 👄 but it will also give it a little bit of a sheer and shiny look. It will also be adding extra volume to the lips 👄 to make them look bigger but natural when the sun ☀️ hits your 👄 . You will need to apply the highlighter after you apply your lipstick.😃 This is just a lipstick 💄 hack that can use just in case you want to have a little fun with your makeup 💄. Maybe you could use this lipstick 💄 hack if you just  want to change things up a little bit. 😃😃😃 

6. Now the next lipstick 💄 hack is to actually use lipstick 💄 preferably pink lipstick 💄 as a cream blush by blending a beautiful rose 🌹 or peach 🍑 colored lipstick 💄 into your skin and using it as an alternative cream blush for free. Plus its totally cute and looks amazing 😉 ! Beautiful! 😃😃😃

Anyways I really hope 🤞you guys enjoyed this blog post. I love ❤️ you guys soooo much. I hope 🤞 that you have an amazing 😉 day. Make sure to follow my blog on WordPress so that you guys get notified whenever I post on my blog, like this blog post as well as all my other ones as well and comment! I always look 👀 for more suggestions on what to post on my blog next and how I can make my blog better for you guys.  I always love ❤️ recieving more and more comments on my blog. Thanks 🙏 soooo much for reading 📖 my blog.  I will see you guys later bye 👋!!! 😃😃😃😃



I am 16 years old. I am just another girl who's super obsessed with makeup so much that I basically wear it almost every day. I'm a blogger obviously :)! My name is LindseyLou.

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