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The Real World

Hey what’s up you guys its ZebraBeauty101! How are you all? Sorry I haven’t been truly blogging a lot lately I’ve just seemed to just be super busy with life, shopping, and other things but I will start blogging probably once to twice a week or something like that but I’m can’t truly promise that I’ll be doing anything like that but I promise I’m not gonna stop blogging. Wow I’m surprised that I haven’t really been blogging very much but as least I’m blogging now so it honestly doesn’t really matter very much so yeah. So today I will be blogging about my opinion and my thoughts on the REAL WORLD. This is going to be very interesting.  So I hope you all enjoy!!!

So lately I’ve been thinking so much about the real world. Sometimes when I end up just randomly thinking about the real world I think about how scary and terrifying it is to just think about for only a couple of seconds. It honestly terrifies the hell out of me. I mean you have to cook and provide food for yourself because obviously how the hell are you suppose to eat if you don’t provide food for yourself. Sometimes I think that living in the real world is pretty scary. I’m scared of living out in the real world because of the fact that its always so stressful and a total pain in the ass sometimes. Then I think about how I am probably going to have to live by myself independently which is kind of why I think that I’m gonna get stressed out considering I won’t be living with anybody else or my parents. That idea seems stressful and hella scary to think about. I honestly don’t ever like the idea of always being totally stressed out and the fact that I will have so much to even manage and worry about seems terrifying. But I also have to think about focusing on my career as well as my health along with doctor’s appointments and then health insurance. Sometimes if you screw up and get drunk and drive and get into a car accident then somebody dies because of it then you’ll have to go to court. Plus in the real world won’t forgive you or say “oh don’t even worry about it its totally fine, I forgive you” like they would do with little kids and stuff. Which is probably why the adults always think that the kids are lucky to be having their childhood and don’t have to worry or stress out about shit because their parents get to take care of that. Sometimes the world can also be one hell of a pain in the ass considering adults have to pay taxes, take their trash out and have to worry and be stressed out about sooo many things. Its honestly really insane how they truly deal with all of that!  Another stupid thing about the real world is that there are no summer breaks unless you’re a teacher or a winter or spring breaks unless you’re planning on becoming  a teacher but for other jobs you have to schedule summer,  fall, winter and spring break off by having to ask your boss if you can have those breaks off yourself. I mean there’s also your health that you’ll have to worry about and take care of  with taxes, medical bills, and even having to go to the doctor by yourself mostly which kinda sucks to be honest with you. You also will have to go grocery shopping and clothes shopping by yourself which the grocery shopping kind of sucks for me but I have to do it if I’m gonna have to eat and stuff so yeah. But I mean I do love the fact that I’ll need to go shopping for clothes, bags, makeup, and bags and girl stuff but I’m just gonna have to be on a budget. Sometimes the real world isn’t very fair to anybody at all including parents and me one day when I’m out there in the real world. Ugh that totally sucks! Plus another thing about the real world is that there isn’t really as much free time as  you did when you were a little kid and had so much freedom and free time to do whatever the hell you wanted and didn’t really have to worry about so much stuff because your parents had to take care of that instead. I mean sometimes you’ll probably have some opportunities to go out to the bar, probably drink, meet a cute boy or girl and probably get buzzed, drunk, or totally hungover but that won’t be happening a whole lot but sometimes.  Adults in the real world also don’t have enough time to sleep in and relax most of the time especially nurses considering they have to work pretty long hours. I’m just scared about living out in the real world. Then I’m gonna have to think about driving myself places and stuff which seems pretty scary and makes me cringe when I think about it for a second to be honest with you. Plus to be completely honest with you guys I don’t really like to drive because I’m pretty damn scared to drive and good thing I’m not the only person. I mean I don’t really a whole lot about the real world but what I do know about the real world is that it’s never very easy. But I guess once I get out into the real world, I’ll probably know more about it and deal with it head on so yeah. I mean I don’t know how I’m gonna survive out there but I guess I’m gonna have to try somehow. Anyway this is was my opinion on the real world and how I feel about living out in the real world.




I am 16 years old. I am just another girl who's super obsessed with makeup so much that I basically wear it almost every day. I'm a blogger obviously :)! My name is LindseyLou.

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