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Brutally Honest Makeup Review- The Elf Moisturizing Red Lipstick 

Hey what is up you guys its ZebraBeauty101 here back with another brutally honest makeup review and today I am going to be reviewing the elf moisturizing red lipstick. I’m going to be showing you guys the swatch of the lipstick, what the lipstick container looks like, what the actual lipstick looks like and putting the lipstick on my own lips and showing you guys what it looks like on my lips and giving you guys my honest thoughts and what I truly think of this beautiful lipstick. So let’s get started. 

So this is what the lipstick container look like. It looks boxy and just shows the real lipstick at the bottom of the container and stuff so yeah. 

This is what the swatch of the lipstick looks like at the back of my own hand.  It looks like it’s a red color but not too red of a color on my hand so yeah. I like it a little bit but I’m not going to say that I love it because it’s just a bluish reddish type of color and its a matte color. But I do like it just a little bit and it smells like chocolate so that fun. 

This is what the lipstick looks like. It looks pretty nice and I kinda like it a little bit and if you smell the actual lipstick then it will actually smell like chocolate.

This is what the lipstick looks like on my lips. It kind of feels moisturizing on the lips but also kind of velvety on the lips at the same time. It feels pretty nice on the lips not going to lie and I love how it looks and stuff. I love bluish reds on my skin tone because they look pretty good on my skin and it looks natural and stuff so that’s what I love about it as well. I also like that I can wear everyday as well. It looks interesting to me. What do you guys think of this beautiful lipstick on my lips and stuff? Let me know in the comments down bellow. It also looks pretty laid back and kind of a cute matte red lipstick as well. Hope you guys enjoyed this makeup review and i love you guys soooo much and I will see you guys later Bye!!!😃😃😃



I am 16 years old. I am just another girl who's super obsessed with makeup so much that I basically wear it almost every day. I'm a blogger obviously :)! My name is LindseyLou.

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