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Makeup Fact/hack

Hey whats up you guys its ZebraBeauty101 and for today I will just be sharing with you a very cool like makeup fact and a makeup hack that you can even try out for yourself as well. I mean I have not actually really had the chance  to even try out this amazing little makeup hack for myself as well so I will probably do that later for today and let you guys know if this makeup hack even worked out for me or not. I mean if it doesn’t work out at all then I’m going to be really really sad but I’m not really going to be very surprised by the fact that this makeup hack didn’t work out because to be honest with you guys  makeup hacks don’t always work out so well for me and I really don’t truly know why that is. Did you know that lip liners not only can be used as an eye liner pencil as well. So thats pretty cool!!! This means if you don’t actually have any other eyeliner pencils and the only thing that you have to actually use as an eyeliner pencil is probably a lip liner pencil. But that also really just depends on if any of you actually have any lipliners or anything like that at all so yeah.  But it only depends on if you guys prefer to use eyeliner pencils instead of gel or liquid eyeliner because I know for a fact that I do prefer an eyeliner pencil a lot more than an gel or a liquid eyeliner because I always feel like an eyeliner pencil,  or a lip liner is much more easier to use for myself than liquid or gel eyeliner. I swear whenever I use a liquid or gel eyeliner always look bad whenever i use them and really try to work with them and not screw up my own eyeliner during my makeup routine and then it just totally ends up screws up my whole makeup look because i just really really suck at using gel or liquid eyeliner. So thats part of the reason why I only use eye liner pencils so yeah. Anyways I really hope that you guys really enjoyed this awesome little makeup blog post and if you guys want for me to do anything else for my blog or how I can actually make my blog better for everyone to enjoy when they visit please let me know down in the comments bellow. And if you guys have any good and amazing ideas on what I can really try and post on my own blog or something like that then please let me know and I will see you guys later. I hope you guys have an AMAZING day!!!! Please don’t forget to follow me on my blog so that you guys can be totally caught up on what I post on my blog and like my blog posts and comment and stuff so yeah. I will see you guys later BYE!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH AND YOUR AWESOME AND YOU ALWAYS WILL BE AWESOME!!! Thank you guys so much for your support for my blog and you guys really keep me going and motivated to keep on blogging and writing and stuff like that so yeah!!! BYE!!!!



I am 16 years old. I am just another girl who's super obsessed with makeup so much that I basically wear it almost every day. I'm a blogger obviously :)! My name is LindseyLou.

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