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The Beauty of a Flower

There are many things that I think of when I see this picture. Sometimes I think of a small flower seed but not the type of flower seeds that you can actually eat and whatnot. I am actually talking about the type of flower seeds that you can bury in dirt thats available in the garden that you might have available right in your backyard of your home. Sometimes when I think of those types of flowers seeds. I think about a seed that you plant in your beautiful garden. I think that it’s the most amazing and beautiful thought ever. Do you think of the same thing when you stare at the beauty of a flower. When you stare at this drawing of a flower I’ve created for utter inspiration being shot into your mind as I speak to you. If you think that it’s an inspiration then I will gladly give you my grace. I will gladly give you my thanks. I will give you my blessing as if I were a priest or a nun from the catholic church although I am not a nun or a priest. I will give you hope in your life as if I am a beauiful angel. I will give you love as if you were a lonely child in need of something. As if you were a lonely or lost child in need of a mericle. Maybe you are waiting for something amazing to happen to you right now. Maybe you need something special to be in your life. Maybe you need a special someone in your life or something great. I will give you trust in yourself as if you don’t always have trust in yourself most of the time. Maybe you’re seeking some trust in yourself as if you might have an issue finding it on your own. Maybe you’re probably seeking out for someone else’s trust like mine even if you don’t truly know that in your mind right now. I trust you people with all of my heart even if I don’t really know you at all. Maybe I’m just a crazy girl who’s just blogging and speaking to my viewers behind a computer screen in this very moment in my life. I do trust that my bloggers/viewers will continue their amazingly creative blogs and post such amazing content for the world to see or something that might be super interesting to other people. Maybe some of you awesome bloggers can post something cool like totally crazy things. Some crazy things might even include things like an extremely stupid list of the things that you might want to have in your life. I mean I blog for most of the time especially when I’m at school for most of my boring 7 day week. Which can sometimes really suck by the way. But hey education is like super important. I mean I know for a fact that some people don’t really have the chance to get an amazing eduacation or are way too busy just to have an education. Which if some you awesome people don’t have that offered I feel extremely extremely extremely sorry for you because you know education is an extreme must have in order to be out in the real world. I mean college and a degree or college education is another extreme important thing to have out in the real world. I wish I could just completely sugar coat it and randomly say that you don’t really need an education when your out in the real world at all whatsoever. But sadly you really do need an education. But that’s only because having an education that’s good is like an extreme must have out in the real world. I love you guys so much that I can’t really help but hope for the amazing people who make this a great world to live in than for you to have a good education in your life. Then to carry that education to make your lives so much easier and better on a daily basis. If you want to know some things that you probably didn’t really know about me then I would suggest to you to read my next post that I will be writing soon. So stay tuned you amazing people :)!!!

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Optical Illusions 

Hey whats up you guys its ZebraBeauty101 here and today I am going to telling you guys about optical illusions. So I really hope you guys enjoy 😊 this blog post and lets get into it. 

Optical Illusions what do you think of the second you hear this word? What comes to mind? Do you feel like your eyes 👀 are being captured when you are staring at the middle of a canvas with an optical illusion? Do you think 💭 of seeing an optical illusion as if it is an endless pattern that’s part of a three dimensional piece of artwork? What do you see in this picture? What do you think of this interesting picture? How does this picture make you feel when you stare at it? What do you like about this picture? How does the pattern of this picture make you feel? How many optical illusions do you think there are in this interesting image? If you like the patterns of this image then what do you like about the patterns? Does the pattern look exciting to you? Do you think that the pattern looks interesting or weird? How do optical illusions in general make you feel? Do they make you feel like you could just stare at them for hours upon hours?  Have you ever wondered how many different types of optical illusions there are? Have you ever wondered how many different ways of how optical illusions can be created? Do you guys have ever been soooooo  interested in optical illusions too? 

I think that some people can look at things like optical illusions in very different ways. Some people can even try and look up to art and optical illusions when times get really really really hard and life gets very very hard as well in some very unique ways as well. There are also millions, millions, millions and millions of ways to actually see sooooooooo many optical illusions that can be seen in so many different ways and there are sooooooo many different types of optical illusions. You can actually see an optical illusion through sooooo many different paintings. You can actually see a beautiful piece of artwork through oil painting as well. Sometimes optical illusions can show you sooooo many things about yourself that you probably didn’t really know at all whatsoever. I mean when you look at an optical illusion on a very beautiful piece of artwork and find sooooo many amazing 😉 things about yourself. Maybe if you look at a very beautiful and amazing 😉 piece of artwork that might even include an optical illusion that was definitely created by an amazing 😉 artist 👨‍🎤 that has a really really really huge passion for the arts 🎭 and truly loves ❤️ to paint and create some beautiful pieces of art. Maybe you might want to become an amazing artist 👨‍🎤right after you look at an really cool 😎 looking optical illusion thats included on a piece of beautiful artwork. Sometimes optical illusions can randomly end up showing you a million different images or things just in a single beautiful piece of artwork.  I feel like this picture has four optical illusions and an image that is like an endless pattern. I feel like optical illusions make me feel like I can never stop staring at them. Honestly I think that I’m very interested in soooo many interesting optical illusions for soooo many reasons. But you see I can’t always put into millions upon millions of words, the reasons why I stare at optical illusions. I honestly feel super amazed by how mind blowing they are. Maybe there are many interesting reasons why some people like to see artworks that have soooooo many different looking optical illusions. I think that different pieces of art that have different optical illusions have sooo many different stories to tell or unique reasons why some people love ❤️ different looking optical illusions. I honestly feel like whenever I end up looking at an optical illusion, it will look 👀 like a beautiful path of an artist’s 👨‍🎤 life even if the artist 👨‍🎤 who had created the painting or the viewer know it either. An optical illusion will honestly make you feel like you are going right through the most beautiful path to finding yourself whenever you just randomly end up looking at an abstract optical illusion painting. I mean I honesty think that its pretty awesome how you can look at a painting and that beautiful peice of art can help you have the ability to find yourself, your interests and your passion just by taking one look at it. It’s the most beautiful thing to think about in an artistic way. Art is beautiful! Sometimes I love ❤️ to look at art and it’s amazing how it can actually make you feel sometimes. I mean we all might not artist 👨‍🎤, artistic or might not love ❤️ art or even look at art sometimes but its a pretty cool 😎 thing to look 👀 at something super beautiful like the world 🌎 all around us. Some people probably don’t like optical illusions and that’s ok 👌. I think 💭 that the types of optical illusions that some artists make are totally unique in a very beautiful way. Sometimes artists can even have a little bit more fun with their art and kinda just go a little bit crazy and the possibilities are literally endless. I always think 💭 of optical as a beautiful path into the world of art and I feel as peace whenever I think 💭 of myself randomly stopping  ✋ somewhere and look 👀 at a peice of art that might just include an optical illusion and staring at it. I think about life and whether I am taking the right path or making all of the right decisions or wrong decisions. I wonder if  I made some wrong decisions in my life, then what the hell were those wrong decisions that I stupidly ended up making in my life. It’s scares me 😳 to think 💭 of those wrong decisions and it scares me 😳 even more to think of the devastating fact that I can’t really go back and undo or remake that wrong decision into the right decision and then I’ll be done with fixing that horrible mistake. I mean sometimes I wonder today if I’m making the right decisions or the wrong decisions and if I did make the wrong decision today then what the hell was that mistake but sadly I can’t always fix the mistakes that were the wrong decisions today but I’m pretty sure I can look 👀 😊 back on those wrong decision or horrible mistakes for five seconds and learn something new that I didn’t really know back then. Maybe I can take a very close look at all of my mistakes and then realize that I can probably become a person 👩‍💻, a better blogger, a better student 👨‍🎓, a better friend, a better kid, a better driver, a better daughter, a better group member, a better artist 👨‍🎤, and a better woman as best as I possibly can today. I might not know every single thing in the world 🌎 but I really don’t care 🤷‍♀️ if I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ everything but once I get out in the real world 🌎 then I will end up learning soooooo many things and I will be honored to learn those things and I will be excited 😊 to learn every thing that I need to know today. Sometimes I think that art is super super amazing 😉 in sooooooo many different ways. But its not going to be today but its going to takes soooooooo many years of my life, maybe even my entire lifetime just to know every single thing in the world 🌎. Maybe you might see something in every piece of  very beautiful artwork that might randomly catch your eyes 👀. You might think 💭 that really really really beautiful piece of artwork might truly stand out to you and catch your eyes 👀 sooooo much that you might stare at that really amazing 😉 piece of art for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours. Basically you might just randomly start staring at that really beautiful piece of artwork because you might think that its super super super interesting to you, even if your not an artist 👨‍🎤 or might not have an artistic mind or trait and that’s totally okay. I honesty understand that on sooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooo many levels as well. Sometimes when I end up looking at an artwork that includes a couple of super amazing 😉 optical illusions I also think about all of the right decisions in my life as well. I think about about my own life and when I end up thinking about all of those right choices and all of those times in my life when I did make the right decisions and I decided to advocate for myself. Sometimes I wonder if I did make the right decisions or the right choices then what were those right choices or those right decisions were and what were those right decisions for anyways. I’m just so curious about that. Optical illusions will sometimes make us thinks about the really amazing careers that we might want to have once we are out in the real world 🌎 and then we are all just randomly thinking about our futures. We might think about what we want to be in the future. But once I’m able to become independent and blog basically whenever I want well probably or probably not because I might be super super busy with my dream career which might be either a journalist or a nurse 👨‍⚕️ maybe even a professional blogger OBVIOUSLY 🙄 because first of all I blog all the time and I dedicate most of my time to blog like whenever I’m at lunch during the school day I get my lunch and I grab my school iPad and my Bluetooth keyboard 🎹 I take a seat 💺 by all my friends that I will usually sit by during lunch, go straight onto my blog and start writing whatever I want to blog about basically.  But  I mean if you are going to start a blog and expect to get 18,836 or a billion views on that blog that you just created like today for example. Then I’m going to just say right now that YOU ARE REALLY CRAZY 😜 HONEY 🍯 BOO BOO because I promise you that you are not going to get a billion views literally just in literally one day OKAY 👌!!!!!!! YOU BETTER HAVE THAT MINDSET WHENEVER YOU PLAN ON STARTING A BLOG BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T HAVE THAT MINDSET THEN HONEY 🍯 BOO BOO CHILD 👶 YOU’RE CRAZY AND I LITERALLY DON’T EVEN BELIEVE YOU LIKE YOU SAID THAT ON INSTAGRAM OR SOMETHING THEN I’M GONNA LOOK AT IT BUT I’M NOT GONNA READ IT BECUASE THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOO STUPID ON MY PART BECAUSE ITS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A MILLION TO A BILLION VIEWS ON A YOUTUBE VIDEO OR A BLOG JUST SAYING HONEY 🍯 BOO BOO CHILD 👶!!!!!!!! OMG 😲 I CANNOT EVER  SAY THIS ENOUGH!!! I SWEAR TO GOD PEOPLE DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT YOU GOT A BLIION VIEWS IN LITTERALLY CRAZY 😜 HONEY 🍯 BOO BOO!!!  Sorry 😐 if this blog post is turning into one ☝️ hell  of a rant coming from my part into doing this blog so if you don’t exactly like blog posts that have  super aggressive  rants and you hate the living crap  out of them or if that’s not even your thing then please let me know or don’t read this part of this blog post. Thanks 🙏 so much  honey 🍯 boo boo. Anyways I really hope you guys enjoyed this amazing blog post about optical illusions basically. I love you guys sooooooo much!!!!!!! Thanks 🙏 sooooooo much so reading 📖 this amazing 😉 blog post!!! I hope you guys had really really really really enjoyed reading 📖 this great 👍 blog post. I really hope that you guys have such an amazing 😉 and totally awesome 👏 day for today. So make sure to follow my blog on WordPress, like this blog post as well as all of my other blog posts, and leave a really cool 😎 comment in the comment section bellow please because that would be super super awesome 👏 because I really really really really love ❤️ all of the comments as well. Anyways I will see you guys later BYE 👋!!!!!!!

ZebraBeauty101 OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Fun Things to Do when your Bored :)

Hey whats up you guys its ZebraBeauty101 here. So aren’t you just ever bored sometimes and then you feel like you need something to do thats fun? Sometimes don’t you ever feel like you need something to do when you’re bored and have absolutely nothing to do? I mean you could read my blog I mean I think that reading blogs are a lot of fun. Especially when I’m reading somethng thats super interesting from someone else’s blog besides my own. Sometimes I go onto wordpress and first I check how many views I have on my blog and then I read other people’s blogs and I read their posts just to get inspired to blog about whatever I want to blog about because I always feel like I need inspired to blog about a different topic or something like that. Well today I’m going to showing you guys some super fun things that you can do when your bored. So anyways I really hope that you guys enjoy this post and lets get into these fun things.

1. Read an interesting book. Sometimes if I’m really bored I will pick out an interesting book. I’ll just start reading it. I won’t be bored anymore. The more and more I read the book then the more I’m super interested in the book. I mean you can read a book on wattpad becuase they have super interesting books. You can actually write your own book on wattpad if you wanted to. Sometimes I will go on wattpad and read some pretty interesting books so I would really recommend signing up for wattpad. Its a pretty cool reading/book writing app. I love the app most of the time.
2. Listen to music. Take out some earbuds and then maybe take out an electronic device like your phone or something. Turn on some music and jam out to it. Maybe dance a little bit I don’t know go crazy.  I mean if you’re bored 😐 then you may as well because its totally fun!  

3. Start a blog. Have you ever had a dream where you probably wanted to become a famous writer or something. Do you ever have any ideas on topics to write about and want to share those thoughts 💭 with everyone? Well you can do that just by starting a blog. I remember last year when I had decided to start a blog. But I remember when I originally had the idea 💡 of having a YouTube channel but then I learned that I was too camera 🎥 shy ☺️, so I was thinking 💭 of a cool hobby where I didn’t really have to stare at a camera 🎥 or make a video on YouTube that was like 5 minutes long. Then that’s when I had decided to start my own blog. So that’s what I did and that’s how I’m a blogger today. I love ❤️ blogging so I dare you to join the blogging community because trust me its pretty great 👍!!!!

4. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Well if your super bored 😐 and need something that’s relaxing and fun because your outside then just randomly taking a nice walk is a good 😊 way to relax and kind of enjoy 😊 the outdoors just every once in a while and if you want to take your dog 🐶 if you have one ☝️ for a long relaxing 😎 walk then go right ahead and have a little fun with it and maybe take some earbuds and listen to some music 🎶. Sometimes I love ❤️ to do this fun activity with my dog 🐶 during the spring and summer whenever I’m bored and I want to go out and do something fun during the day. 

5. Go shopping 🛒 online! 🙂 Sometimes whenever I’m extremely bored and don’t have anything fun to do during the day. I will decide to do some online shopping and I honestly love ❤️ to go online shopping and look 👀 around at some online stores like Ulta, Walmart, Colourpop, Makeup 💄 Geek 🤓, Sephora, eBay or amazon just to name a few online stores. I think 💭 that going online shopping 🛒 is always a super fun thing to do whenever your bored 😐 and at home or something. 

Anyways I really hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post today. I hope 🤞 you guys have an awesome 👏 day. Thank you 😊 so much for reading 📖. Make sure you follow my blog on WordPress so that you guys don’t miss out on any of my future blog posts.   Make sure to like my blog posts and comment what are some fun things that you like to do whenever your bored 😐. I love ❤️ you guys soooooo much and I will see you guys later BYE 👋!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Top 5 Favorite Songs of March :) :)

Hey what’s up you guys its ZebraBeauty101 here and today I will be showing you guys my top 5 favorite song of March. I mean I have a ton of favorite songs that I’ve listened to during the month of march, so I have decided to actually pick out my top 5 most favorite song and if you have listen to any of these amazing songs then tell me what you think of these songs in the comments bellow. I would really like to hear your thoughts. If you have any favorite songs that you listen to like 24/7 then make sure to let me know in the comments bellow what those songs are because I would be interested to listen to any of those songs. If you have any suggestions on any songs then please let me know in the comments bellow. Most of these songs that I listen to are pop music, a little hip hop and a little bit of rap but it depends on what I listen to on the radio and I like so yeah. So I really hope you guys enjoy this fun blog post.

  1. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran      I love this song because of the beat. The lyrics are awesome. I mean I don’t exactly have a favorite singer but I do like a couple of ed sheeran’s songs because they are pretty great. So if you don’t know who ed sheeran is then he is an american pop artist and musician. I listen to this great song on Spotify when I have some free time to myself.
  2. Cold   Maroon 5  feat Future  I honestly love this song soooo much that I can’t even stop listening to it on Spotify because of how good the beat is and the lyrics are to be honest with you. I mean if you have the time right now then I would totally recommend going to spotify and listening to this song and rocking your little musical heart out. Well just listen to this song because trust me its a pretty great song to listen to on the daily. I mean there is no reason why you shouldn’t listen to this amazing song like every single day.
  3. Paris  by the Chainsmokers   I think I really love this song because of the beat of it. The lyrics sound awesome. I basically listen to this great song on spotify all the time. I honestly can’t stop listening to it. I’m just super obsessed with this great pop song. If you don’t know of the chainsmokers then they are an amazing pop music band thats creates many songs with an amazing beat with the music. I honestly listen to this song like almost every single day too. I love this song and I would totally recommend definitely listening to this great song on spotify.
  4. Issues  by Julia Michaels  I honestly like this song soooooo much. I think that this song is soooooooo relatable. I sometimes listen to this great song on spotify. I honestly would definitely recommend listening to this song on spotify if you are interested in this song. I love this song soooo much!!!
  5. Something Just Like This   by The Chainsmokers featuring Coldplay    I really love this song. I mean I like the beat of this song and the lyrics of this song are really amazing. I love the fact that it makes me feel super great.  I think that this was a great song to listen to during the month of march. Plus I like the fact that it has a super retro beat to this cool song. I think that the collaboration with coldplay and the chainsmokers was the best one because they made this super great and totally up beat song that just makes you feel super good. So I would totally recommend going on spotify and definitely listening to this song. I think that its totally the best song ever!!!!!!

But if you have never heard of spotify, its an app where you can basically create playlists of all your favorite songs and I honestly love listening to spotify all the time and its a pretty great app. I love it sooo much. I mean its my most used app whenever I want to listen to music most of the time. Its a available on android and apple devices and its available on the App Store for free basically. So these are my top 5 favorite song of March. Anyways I really hope you guys enjoyed this great music-related blog post. I hope an amazing day. I had a lot of fun picking out these songs for you guys and I hope you give them a listen maybe. Thanks so for reading this great blog post!!! So make sure you guys follow my blog on wordpress so that you guys can get notified whenever I post something on my blog or something, like this blog post and comment on my blog if you have any song suggestions, what genre you usually like to listen to, and your favorite songs you like to listen to.  I love you guys sooo much and I will see you guys later BYE!!!!!!