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The Beauty of a Flower

There are many things that I think of when I see this picture. Sometimes I think of a small flower seed but not the type of flower seeds that you can actually eat and whatnot. I am actually talking about the type of flower seeds that you can bury in dirt thats available in the garden that you might have available right in your backyard of your home. Sometimes when I think of those types of flowers seeds. I think about a seed that you plant in your beautiful garden. I think that it’s the most amazing and beautiful thought ever. Do you think of the same thing when you stare at the beauty of a flower. When you stare at this drawing of a flower I’ve created for utter inspiration being shot into your mind as I speak to you. If you think that it’s an inspiration then I will gladly give you my grace. I will gladly give you my thanks. I will give you my blessing as if I were a priest or a nun from the catholic church although I am not a nun or a priest. I will give you hope in your life as if I am a beauiful angel. I will give you love as if you were a lonely child in need of something. As if you were a lonely or lost child in need of a mericle. Maybe you are waiting for something amazing to happen to you right now. Maybe you need something special to be in your life. Maybe you need a special someone in your life or something great. I will give you trust in yourself as if you don’t always have trust in yourself most of the time. Maybe you’re seeking some trust in yourself as if you might have an issue finding it on your own. Maybe you’re probably seeking out for someone else’s trust like mine even if you don’t truly know that in your mind right now. I trust you people with all of my heart even if I don’t really know you at all. Maybe I’m just a crazy girl who’s just blogging and speaking to my viewers behind a computer screen in this very moment in my life. I do trust that my bloggers/viewers will continue their amazingly creative blogs and post such amazing content for the world to see or something that might be super interesting to other people. Maybe some of you awesome bloggers can post something cool like totally crazy things. Some crazy things might even include things like an extremely stupid list of the things that you might want to have in your life. I mean I blog for most of the time especially when I’m at school for most of my boring 7 day week. Which can sometimes really suck by the way. But hey education is like super important. I mean I know for a fact that some people don’t really have the chance to get an amazing eduacation or are way too busy just to have an education. Which if some you awesome people don’t have that offered I feel extremely extremely extremely sorry for you because you know education is an extreme must have in order to be out in the real world. I mean college and a degree or college education is another extreme important thing to have out in the real world. I wish I could just completely sugar coat it and randomly say that you don’t really need an education when your out in the real world at all whatsoever. But sadly you really do need an education. But that’s only because having an education that’s good is like an extreme must have out in the real world. I love you guys so much that I can’t really help but hope for the amazing people who make this a great world to live in than for you to have a good education in your life. Then to carry that education to make your lives so much easier and better on a daily basis. If you want to know some things that you probably didn’t really know about me then I would suggest to you to read my next post that I will be writing soon. So stay tuned you amazing people :)!!!



I am 16 years old. I am just another girl who's super obsessed with makeup so much that I basically wear it almost every day. I'm a blogger obviously :)! My name is LindseyLou.

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